This is a rare 2000 Zimmer Red Convertible with only 2,551 actual miles.  Originally owned and driven by NBA star Shaquille O'Neal
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The sale of this vehicle benefits Noah's Arc, a no-kill animal shelter in Rockford, Illinois

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 Howard Hughes 1953 Buick sedan sold this winter for $1,600,000.00 (one point six million dollars). We are very familiar with the Hughes cars our families Museum (Lazarus Motor Museum) bought the Chrysler version with only a couple 1000 miles some 25 years ago and sold it for around $20,000.00 then.  The 1950’s GM Olds show car sold at the January Barrett-Jackson auction for about 3.3 million dollars. When we sold Greta Garbo’s Duesenberg in 1972 , we established a new worlds record when it sold for $90,000.00 and was even sited in the “Guinness Book of World Records” for the highest price ever paid for a used car. That same car has recently resold in the $3,000,000.00 range. Dorothy’s “Wizard of Oz” ruby slippers that one could have bought for a few 1000 dollars years ago, reputedly sold for over a million on auction. Jackie Kennedy’s items brought more money than anyone ever could have imagined a few years ago, yet many have resold for huge profits. Even Marylyn Monroe’s items like a cigarette lighter brought $45,000.00 if memory serves me right. None of these celebrities from yester-year have the immediate name recognition of Shac O’Neil, one of the worlds finest, best known sports celebrities. This gorgeous red convertible was owned by him, loved by him and even a copy of the title, noting the car was titled in his name had his actual signature. You’re not only buying an important part of history, you’re buying a unique vehicle that you will be proud to own, drive and enjoy with great investment potential. How much more this car is worth over a conventional Zimmer, is any ones guess?  Even if it was a regular car, the Shac O’Neal ownership could escalate its value many, many times over its non-celebrity value in the future. Wouldn’t it be a thrill to own such a magnificent car, knowing that someday it could be your children’s college education or your retirement fund? IRAs never were this much fun, besides no one can predict what they will do in the future.  Celebrity cars and other documented items in many cases have consistently grown in value as time passes.  Even if you forget that this car has great celebrity/historical  status. Keep in mind that a new Zimmer Phaeton like this retails for some $110,000.00 & you’ll have to special order it. Each Zimmer is a coach built on a brand new chassis that is under warranty & serviced by Ford / Lincoln / Mercury dealerships. Each is a custom creation built by craftsmen by hand, the old fashion way they built the classics like Duesenberg, Rolls Royces, Bugattis, and other ultra expensive vehicles long ago. Up and above the initial six figure price are related new car fees, sales tax, shipping, etc. which in itself could amount to many 1000s of dollars, not taking into consideration how long it will take once you place the order. Here is one available for immediate delivery with only a few 1000 miles, hardly enough for time to do its new car break in maintenance. You’re special, you work hard. & don’t you deserve a reward that could possibly be the most fun and best investment you ever made? Think it over, but don’t take to long as the old story goes” you snooze, you loose”.  

      This is the 1st time we have had the opportunity to offer this vehicle and are proud to know that the owner has entrusted his faith in our nearly 100 year old (since 1913) track record in the automotive field (see How much more this car is worth over its non-celebrity value is still unknown, but you’ll have the once in a life time opportunity to be part of history!  Don’t forget, the sale of this vehicle benefits Noah’s Ark-a no kill animal sanctuary since 1979, a IRS recognized 501c3 charity- help yourself by helping the pets that need your help.


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